How To Choose Good Quality Appliances

Appliance buying is certainly an investment. Many major appliances cost hundreds of dollars and you rely on the machines in your everyday life. A little research before buying can help you avoid wasting your money and ending up with an unreliable or overpriced machine.


Research the different companies you`re considering buying the appliances from first. You`ll need to get the answers to some questions, including how well built the appliances are and the type of reputation the manufacturer has for customer service.

Appliance forums and online communities may offer you some firsthand experiences from people who have purchased appliances from the manufacturers you`re considering. Check the complaint report records at the local consumer business bureau for each company you`re evaluating.


Set your price range for each appliance and stick to it. You can narrow down models after you`ve narrowed down manufacturers by eliminating appliances that don`t fit into your price range for their category.

Once you`ve got a list of appliances that fit into your price range, start looking at the average prices in your area for the same types of appliances. An appliance that is priced far below average is probably too good to be true, even if it`s been discontinued. If you`re interested in a discontinued model, find out why the manufacturer stopped making it. A model may be discontinued because of a reoccurring problem, such as a consistently faulty part, or for safety reasons.

Look closer at any models that are priced well above the average, such as $100 or more over other models in the same class. If there aren`t any special features that account for the price difference, you may be looking at an overpriced appliance. Remember that special features that justify a higher price must be of use to you to be of any value.


Features factor into the price on many appliance models. For example, a refrigerator with an icemaker and water dispenser will cost more than a model without these additions. You`ll need to decide what features you have to have and what you can live without when looking at the different models in your price range. You`ll save money by sacrificing unnecessary features in most cases, but make sure you`re not giving up a feature you really want to have. For example, if you want to save money by bottling your own water, a built-in water dispenser on your refrigerator may be worth the extra money.


Follow ads from your local stores and check retailer websites daily, if possible, to look for sales on the appliances you want to buy. Sometimes online deals are better than what`s offered in the local circulars and you might be able to snag some cost-saving bonuses as well, such as free delivery and set up.

Check the websites of the manufacturers you`re considering for mail-in rebates on the models you`re interested in. Some manufactures place rebates on their websites.

Some major retailers price match, so if you see an appliance you want on sale someplace other than the store you prefer to buy from, contact the store you prefer and ask if they match sale prices from competitors.

Ask what the rules regarding price matches are before you go to the store if they do meet sale prices from other chains. You may need to bring an original copy of the sale ad and buy the appliance during the time the competitor`s sale is active. If you found coupons from other retail chains, ask your preferred store if they`ll accept those as well.

Before you make your final decision, don`t forget to compare basic models, such as the Rangemaster Classics Deluxe, to the models you`re considering. Compare features to make sure you`re getting the most for your money.

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