Children`s Furniture

Whether you have one child or many, buying children`s furniture can be challenging for parents. When you buy furniture for kids, you walk a fine line between wanting to get something your kids can enjoy today but that will grow with them tomorrow. You also want to make sure you buy things for your kids that will be durable and able to stand up to the sometimes harsh wear and tear that comes with the exuberance of young children. To make sure you make an informed buying choice, there are a few things to take into account when you buy furniture for children.

Quality and Construction

Kids are almost always harder on their possessions than adults are, simply because they lack the age and maturity to understand how to care for things properly. While you want to start teaching children that they must take care of their things, even from a young age, you should also be realistic and expect that beds may be jumped on, desks may be coloured on and dresser drawers may be slammed.

This means, therefore, that you want to invest in kids` furniture that is able to withstand this added stress. Watch for furniture that is built using solid materials and that is well crafted and shows strong attention to detail. Beds with reinforced slats, for example, or dressers with dovetail construction in the drawers, can be markers of good furniture that is more likely to stand the test of time and still look good as your kids age.

Style and Function

Since you are investing in good furniture, you want it to be the type of furniture that will grow with your kids and be enjoyed by them for a long time to come. Few parents want, or can afford, to redecorate their children`s rooms and buy a new suite of furniture every year. As such, avoid single-purpose items that your kids will quickly outgrow whenever possible. Instead, consider choosing more versatile pieces of furniture. A changing table that turns into a dresser, for example, or a toddler bed that converts into a big-kid bed can all be wise investments since they won`t simply be outgrown in a year or two.

You also need to consider your kids` style needs both today and tomorrow. You want furniture that is clearly for kids, in most cases, to help reflect your children`s interests and taste. However, kids grow up fast and their interests can change. If you buy your daughter a princess bed, for example, chances are she won`t want it when she`s ten and she definitely isn`t going to want it when she enters her teen years.

As such, try to limit special accessories to inexpensive items that can be easily changed as your kids grow. Alternatively, pick one or two good statement pieces that will set a mood or tone for a room and reflect your kids` current interests and then invest in solid and versatile furniture for the rest of the room. If you buy a princess bed, for example, consider plainer white dressers and accent furniture to go along with it that can still be used once the princess bed has been handed down to a new generation of little girl.

From childrens desks to dressers and nightstands, it is possible to find both practical and beautiful furniture if you simply take the time to look and use your head when you buy.

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