Bathroom Vanity Fixtures & Fittings

It’s amazing how something as simple as tarnished faucets or old-fashioned vanity hardware can make your bathroom look outdated and shabby. While changing door pulls and faucets might seem like daunting tasks at first, many `do-it-yourselfers` discover that the hardest part is actually selecting the hardware and faucets. Here are a few tips on choosing new fixtures and fittings so that you can have a stylish, updated vanity that makes your bathroom seem renewed.


Before purchasing new fittings, consider the style of your vanity. If you have a more modern-looking vanity, sleek metal door handles would probably look better than knobs shaped like whimsical seahorses. Wooden or ceramic knobs would suit a French country vanity better than door pulls with a polished brass finish.


Choose smooth and simple vanity fixtures and fittings if children frequently use your bathroom. You don`t want the kids to hurt themselves running into the knobs or getting their little fingers stuck in ornate metal door handles. Smooth faucets and hardware are also easier to keep clean than those with more elaborate designs.


Consider the finish of your existing fittings and fixtures before purchasing any new ones. It`s a good rule of thumb to complement or match the other fixtures and hardware in your bathroom. You probably don`t want to choose shiny gold vanity cabinet pulls if your other bathroom cabinets sport brushed satin pewter knobs. Keep in mind that chrome is typically the easiest finish to match across manufacturers. In other words, you should be able to use chrome door pulls from one company and a chrome faucet from another company without noticing a significant difference in the colors.


Putting in a new faucet is one of the easiest ways to update the look of your bathroom vanity. If you have a contemporary vanity, select a metal faucet with clean lines to promote a simple, elegant look. A single-handled faucet usually offers a more streamlined, modern appearance. Two-handled faucets generally work well with more traditional-style vanities. Faucets come in various metal finishes, including chrome, nickel, copper, gold and bronze. Keep your personal style and the finishes of your other vanity hardware in mind when purchasing a new faucet.

Vanity Hardware

There is a wide range of vanity hardware on the market. Start narrowing down your choices by first deciding between door handles and knobs. While knobs typically offer you a greater selection of styles, colors, shapes and sizes, door handles are often more comfortable for users because they have more space for your hand to grip. Door handles also attach to cabinets in two different spots, so they tend to be stronger, more durable and a better choice for heavier drawers or doors. Purchase hardware with a durable finish that will not erode or tarnish in a humid bathroom environment.


Decide on a budget before you shop for any new vanity hardware or faucets. If you have a tight budget, look for good quality fixtures and fittings in simple but attractive styles. You can always replace these items with more expensive versions when your finances allow you to do so. Keep in mind that if you have vanity cabinet hinges that are fully visible, you will need to change those items to match with your new door handles or knobs, so plan your budget accordingly.

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