5 Tips to Give Your Home Vintage Vibes When You’re on a Budget

vintage-vibesVintage décor can add a touch of classic elegance to your home and make it look warm and comforting. That being said, giving your home a makeover doesn’t have to take a toll on your budget. If finances are holding you back from personalizing your home’s interior as you please, you’ve come to the right place!

Here are some tips to help you give your home some vintage vibes on a budget.

Make Use of What You Have

You can make a lot of your existing décor elements work to give your house a vintage feel. Look at each element individually and think of how you can use it differently to complement other elements. Bringing out your creativity will not only add uniqueness to your home but will also mean you won’t have to spend on buying new stuff!

Know Where to Buy From

If you do have the money to buy new furniture or décor elements, remember to not go overboard. That means not buying that stunning couch or beautiful chandelier if it exceeds your budget!

Pay a visit to local vintage shops and antique stores and you’re sure to find something even better at a reasonable price. When surfing websites for freebies or coupons, do check out popular e-commerce websites- you might find a similar piece of furniture for a lot less online!

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Think Before Buying

If you have your heart set on something you can’t afford right now, it’s okay to buy something less expensive to occupy space in your house while you save enough cash. Just make sure you buy something that can serve another purpose or that will fetch a good price when you resell it later on.

Additionally, consider your lifestyle before you invest in anything expensive. If you have pets that might rip apart a new couch, opt for one covered with a tough fabric. Also, buy upholstered furniture in dark colors to hide stains!

Speaking of colors, stick to neutral ones so you don’t outgrow a particular shade. Note that neutrals go well with almost any color, and that it’s cost-effective and easy to change the color of your walls than upgrade furniture.

Most importantly, don’t buy something just for the sake of it. If you go to an antiques fair and don’t find anything worth buying, don’t compel yourself to make a purchase. Plan what you need in advance so you’re not distracted by other things. At the same time, keeping an open mind will help you see things in perspective and how you can use items differently. You’re sure to end up purchasing something worthwhile this way!

Don’t Buy Cheap Stuff

If something is cheaply made, it might not stand the test of time. As such, you’ll end up spending more money on repairs or replacing it altogether. So do check the make of the items you purchase, especially when buying furniture.

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  • When buying wood furniture, purchase pieces that are made of a hard wood and are reasonably scratch-resistant. Avoid buying wood with knots as it will develop cracks over time. If buying plywood, go for one with at least 9 layers. Give particle and fiber boards, and pressed wood furniture a miss; veneer is good so long as the base is made of plywood or other hard wood.
  • Refrain from buying wood furniture that is held together with nails, glue, and staples. Furniture with dovetail joints is the best, as is furniture with dowels or screws. Ensure that all drawers run smoothly on glides.
  • When buying upholstered furniture, see to it that seats have blocks of foam wrapped with down, cotton, or Dacron. Further, make sure that the legs are made of wood, heavy, and joined to the frame properly. Keep in mind that coils should push down easily and spring back immediately when released.

Learn Some DIY Skills

Oftentimes, you’ll come across something that would look great in your house if it would’ve been in a different color or pattern. If you love the basic structure or main frame of a display article or a piece of furniture, go ahead and buy it! You can always use your painting or sewing skills to paint or reupholster items.

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Choosing colors, fabrics, and trimmings that you love will help you turn mundane looking pieces into spectacular ones, while also lending personality to your home. So learn whatever you can and put your skills to good use!


Giving your home a makeover is definitely exciting. But when you’re on a budget, you can’t let the excitement get to your head and affect your decisions!

With the tips given here, you now know how to go about purchasing new stuff without being overwhelmed by the various options. Just use your creativity and DIY skills wisely and you’re sure to give your home a vintage feel without burning a hole through your wallet!

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