5 Fast Ideas to Freshen the Look of your Room

Every day I pick up and fluff up everything and every room in my house but no matter what if someone is going to be stopping by I have a fever pitch of activity trying to get the house just right, do you know what I mean? I have to create the perfect menu, have the dishes ready to go, the drinks are cold-or warm-and all the junk has been shoved “somewhere.”

In advance of their arrival I have usually cleaned every nook and cranny just in case someone opens THAT door but sometimes it just doesn’t “look” right, something is missing. And of course there are other times when I have been stuck in my house working and I just need to change things up a bit. But what to do? What to add or take away? Where should that thing go? How can I rearrange this room?

In a super quick flurry of activity and usually for under $100 you can re-decorate your home and add some fun fresh touches that make it a whole new place for your visitors and even for you! These five quick tips will hopefully get you started and even get your decorating juices flowing.

Fresh Vase of Flowers

Regardless of the time of year, winter, spring or autumn you can always pick up beautiful fresh cut flowers. Usually you can spend less than $20 from places like Costco, Sam’s or even your local grocery store. If you think it through you could pick up some extra greenery and sprigs of small flowers to make multiple bouquets for your home. You house will get instant life, freshness and color. For a few more bucks you could stop by the second hand store and pick up some new to you vases for your fresh finds.

Basket of Fresh Fruit or Veggies

Using fresh vegetables and fruits in decorating has been around since the dawn of time. In kitchens they are set out to use and it’s always been an industrial effort because if it’s there you will eat it, right? It can be the same in decorating! You can easily fill a tall glass vase with fresh lemons and limes, fill up a wooden bowl on your coffee table with small pumpkins and  apples or create a centerpiece on a dining room table with coconuts, pineapples and fresh spinach bunches. Fresh fruits and vegetables will add color, life and vitality to almost any decorating project, it is after all why we having paintings of still-life’s and collections of veggies on our walls.


You don’t have to be a country girl (or guy) to appreciate the cozy look of baskets. Even the most modern room can benefit from a bit of wood or rattan. But the main purpose here is to hide clutter. You’ll feel so refreshed if you add a few baskets to fill with magazines, toys or hobby material. It’s the easiest way to contain the everyday clutter that you can’t stow away. And clearing space is always a good look!

Throw Cushions

I’d bet you could find two throw cushions for less than $50, so if you do, add a throw blanket as well. Cheap and shamefully easy, this is the way to go if you’re ready to make more of a statement. Great opportunity to bring some contrast into a dull room, consider light pillows for a dark room, dark pillows for a light one, and absolutely try adding a trendy color to a neutral room. And at this price, you can change it next season!


Admittedly for the more ambitious, this is a fantastic way to create a stunning look in little time. However, this is an article on FAST ideas, so let’s not tackle the whole room right now. If company’s coming this weekend, try a new look by painting a feature wall a stunning but complementary color (ie: the fireplace wall, that blank wall behind the couch…you get the idea.) Or even tape off a smaller section (this is called color blocking) to focus attention on a collection of pictures, or behind a mirror, or around the fireplace.

To all those with the decorating fever, I wish you speedy recovery and an enjoyable project!

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