5 Breathtaking Ideas for an Inspiring Home Office

Your home office should be equipped for many uses. They are no longer a mere luxury, they are a place to work and get things done. Whether you work from home, bring your work home or you are in need of a place to go through bills and paperwork. You want a convenient and functional space to work in. However, this space should also be a place of creativity and inspiration.

It is also a great idea to make it accessible to everyone in your home. The kids can use a home office to complete their homework and assignments. It’s also a great place to send them to quietly play games online.

1. Keep It Simple

You’re going to need a desk and an office chair but remember to keep this room simple. You don’t want unnecessary items finding their way into this room. You want your at home office to be inviting and inspiring. Ensure you create the perfect work environment with a range of furniture. It’s a good idea to opt for double-duty furnishing, like a shelf to hold your paperwork and place your printer on top of.

Avoid furnishings that do not serve a purpose. For example, you might have a couch in your office that you planned to read on. However it never gets used for anything other than storing coats; get rid of it. It will remain a clutter holder and a place where you chuck unnecessary junk. This is how we accumulate things we don’t need, which becomes a never ending cycle. If it is unnecessary get rid of it, you don’t need that added stress in your life.

2. Make It Comfortable

If you’re not comfortable and relaxed in your office, you won’t want to be there. Make sure you create an ergonomic space where you are comfortable but also supported. Especially, if you work from home and are spending long hours in your office chair. When looking at office chairs you want to pick one with adjustable features. That way you can create the perfect height and back support for the ultimate ergonomic position.

3. A Whiteboard Wall

An inspiring work space is full of a range of inspiring colours and textures. A whiteboard wall will bring a whole new level of inspiration into your office space. They are a great way to brainstorm and get your thoughts out of your head and in front of your eyes. They’re also great if you have young kids that like to follow you around the house. Simply put them in front of the whiteboard wall and let them go nuts while you work.

4. Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

If you can’t see it, you won’t worry about it. If you have your stapler, hole punch, markers and other office supplies all over your desk your mind is going to feel cluttered. You will be less inspired to work and more likely to procrastinate and start worry about other things like cleaning. To avoid this keep things neatly stored away. Store your things away in draws under your desk for easy access when they’re needed.

5. High Impact Lighting

Quickly transform the look and feel of your room with different lighting ideas. Replacing your lighting with some interesting pendant lights or a corner lamp will make a huge impact. Lighting up your room will not only help you see better but it will inspire you to work. It will change the entire look and feel of your home office.

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