Our Quick Laminate Floor Buying Guide

Since its invention in the 70s, laminate flooring has come a long way. It is now super easy to lay. New materials and manufacturing techniques mean that it can be down for decades and still look good. As a result, it is a great flooring option, which is well worth considering the next time you redecorate.

There are a lot of manufacturers and retailers out there. Most of them offer great quality flooring at a fair price, but unfortunately, some do not. As with all things, you need to do some research, before you buy. It is the only way to avoid buying a poor quality product.

Buy From A Trustworthy Source

It is important to check out the retailer you are considering buying from. You need to look for a well-established brand that offers a good warranty, one that they will still be around to honour in a few years time.

The Right Flooring For The Job

All laminate flooring sold in Europe is graded. It is important to understand this rating system before you buy. Doing so will help you to buy the right kind of flooring for the job.

You really cannot afford to skimp over this step. If you buy laminate flooring that is designed for use in a low traffic area, like a bedroom, and try to use it in a busy room like your kitchen it will wear out too quickly. You can find out more about laminate flooring AC ratings, and using them to help you to choose the right flooring, here.

It is also important to think about how the room is going to be used. For example, if you want to use it in a kitchen or bathroom you need to make sure that it can withstand getting wet. If you plan to use it in a room with underfloor heating, you will also need to be careful when buying laminate flooring. Not all types can be used in this situation.

Ease Of Laying

If you are planning to install the floor yourself, it is very important to check how it has to be laid. Most laminate flooring is designed for DIYers, but some has to be laid professionally.

The Overall Look

Of course, you have to consider how it will look once laid. If you are laying this type of floor in a small room, it is best to lay a laminate floor that features a wide plank design.

Where To Buy Laminate Flooring

The best selection of laminate flooring is available online, so that is a good place to find the right laminate flooring for your home. We know that many of our readers are put off buying online by the fact that they cannot actually see and feel the product before buying. In the past, this would have a big issue, but it need not be anymore.

This is because a few of the big retailers like www.discountflooringdepot.co.uk will now send potential buyers a box of samples. You can see the product before you actually buy, and they offer a proper guarantee and have a fair returns policy, so there really is no reason not to buy your next laminate floor online.

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