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Interior Decorating & Design Web Site to Help You Decorate Your Home is a place you can come and relax because all your interior decorating questions can be answered and researched easily here. Decorating your home can be very overwhelming, trust me I know, I have decorated enough of them! What are you going to put where, what colors should be used together, or how can you pull it off so it looks like something out of an interior decorating magazine?

Decorating a home IS exhausting especially if you don’t have the skills and abilities that professional interior decorators have. My name is Rhonda Morin and I started and own After years of school and 20 years in the “biz” even I have trouble sometimes, especially with my own home.

You have to be able to see things from an objective perspective with a bit of knowledge behind you. And that is what was created for, to be your interior decorator helping you decorate your home the way you want. And no one but you needs to know you are cheating a bit. :)

The Interior Decorating Store

This is THE place to shop for furniture for your family room, living room, bedroom, kitchen, home office, deck & patio. You can also shop for paintings, artwork, wall decor, home decor, bedding, duvet covers, pillows, throws, lamps, chandeliers, wall sconces, area rugs, mailboxes, Christmas trees, holiday decorations, curtains and anything you can imagine related to interior decorating to make your home yours. Simple, right?

Interior Decorating Articles

The interior decorating articles are here to educate you and help you in so many different ways for FREE. Maybe you are afraid of using a certain color, find out how to do that. How do you design a home office or a kids room, what should you look for when buying furniture, how do you decide on window treatments, what type of blinds should you use in your sunny bedroom? Check out the interior decorating articles, and if you don’t find what you are looking for, email me and we can get it answered for you and everyone.

The Decorating Bible

This is a book I wrote to help you learn how a designer processes your home or room to create a customized interior decorating plan just for you! You must know where you are heading (in relation to your interior decorating projects), you need to know what you will need to purchase, you need to know what you are looking for, you need to know how much money you have to spend, the list goes on and on. The Decorating Bible offers a step by step interior decorating plan to help you decorate your rooms in your way so you know exactly what you need when you go shopping. There are no questions left unanswered and it can be used again and again for all of your interior decorating projects.

The Decorating Assistant

Where The Decorating Bible teaches you how to decorate the home of your dreams, The Decorating Assistant will get you organized so you can make the right interior decorating decisions quickly and easily. And there is a handy dandy bag that will allow you to carry all your notes, samples and receipts.

Interior Decorating Software

Having been in this industry for some time, I have pushed my fair share of furniture around rooms. Trust me when I tell you that decorating software helps you arrange furniture, layout a floor plan and see what your room will look like before you buy furniture, artwork, accessories, and WAY BEFORE you hurt your back moving things around. I have used so many programs over the years, including napkins and the backs of book jackets, check out my recommendations and resources for you.

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